The Air of Heaven

As a nation the United States is in a very serious situation. The hedge of protection that once guarded our borders has been removed. We face enemies within and without, leaders who disregard our values and our lives. We appear to be on the very brink of destruction. Indeed, if we do not repent and turn back, we will be destroyed. Fortunately, there is real hope. He desires to forgive and restore us. However, we must first understand what we need to repent from.

With this book I share what the Lord has been revealing since 2001 regarding our nation, how I know it has been the Lord, and what we must do. He has been quite clear, and very insistent. He is not pleased with our entitlement approach to Christianity. He does not appreiciate our lack of regard for His will.

For a time I had some of my experiences on my website ( However, once I realized few grasped the whole picture, I knew I had to take action. So, I put everything -- including much that was never on the site -- in this book. In addition to His warnings, there is much of the praise and adoration He placed on my heart. We do need to repent like Ninevah, but even in the storm we should glorify Him.

Life is a journey. Mine has been filled with visions and visitations, prophecy and miracles -- everyday evidence of the Spirit at work. My goal is not just to open eyes and hearts by the sharing my journey, but to fill those who read with His incomparable joy. We may be called to endure much in the coming months. Let us fill our lamps ahead of time.

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The Air of Heaven

Betty Baker ...


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