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Statement of Faith                    

While there are many secular arguments against abortion, I don’t believe we assess the full value of the creation without giving just due to the Creator.   In addition, since my calling in this area is by His will, it would be highly inappropriate for me to attempt this without a clear statement of faith.  Therefore:

I believe that the God of the Bible is the One True God and Creator of all things. (Isa 40:26, 28; Col 1:16)

I believe that He literally spoke the worlds into being. (Gen 1:3, 6, 9, 14, 20 & 24)

I believe that His original plan was to have a relationship with mankind in a perfect surrounding.   I believe it was man who decided it was more important to be “like God” than obedient to God. (Gen. 3:5)

I believe that He is the One who decides whom is and isn’t guilty. (Gen 18:25)

I believe that He is just and loving to all He has made. (Jer 9:24)

I believe that God and God alone has the right to take innocent life. (Deut 32:39)

I believe that no matter what we think or say in the end the only thing that matters is what God says. (Gen–Rev)

I believe that God is unchanging.   He was “complete” in the beginning.   He is “complete” now.   (Contrary to popular opinion, He does not need us to guide Him along.) (Gen – Rev) 

I believe that we are all responsible for our own actions and that we will give an accounting for them to Him. (Gen 9:6)

I believe that every believer is responsible before God to produce fruit in keeping with faith in Him. (Mat 3:10, 7:16-17, Rom 7:4)

I believe that at the point of salvation our lives are no longer our own to do with as we please, but rather we are His to command. (Eph 4:1)

Further, I believe it absolutely impossible to please the Creator of life without a deep respect for life. (Gen – Rev)


The fact is God is more real to me than any person I know.   I have had experiences with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.   So, when people say, “There is no God”.  I wonder how on earth they missed Him.  Since I began this Pro-life effort He has been very “present” - comforting, guiding and teaching.   When I think about people who make such statements, I can’t help thinking that they must have never really “looked”.   For me the evidence is overwhelmingly in His favor.

Pink Rose

About the Bible:

I believe that the Bible is God’s word to us.   I believe that though we may not fully understand the text whether or not we do has no baring on its’ accuracy; which is to say that regardless of our ability to comprehend it, we are bound by its’ authority.   I do not believe that our circumstances or beliefs change this fact.   If this were so, the laws of God would not only change daily, they would vary from person to person and society to society.   There would be no reason to concern oneself overly with God.   No reason to fear Him.  In fact, I believe that if God, Himself, could not speak without erring there would be little, if any, reason to consider Him, God.   The whole premise of a God who could create worlds, but be inept at recording His own will is, in a word, RIDICULOUS!

Our Sovereign and Worthy Creator is not, nor should He ever be considered, inept in any form or fashion.   He has not only recorded what we need to know, He has done so in a way that enables us to continue to grow throughout our entire lives.   In addition, He has wisely worded scripture to elude the crafty while still carefully guiding the earnest. Hence, I take all scripture literally to heart, realizing that I am fully dependent on Him for understanding.

I believe it critical that scripture not be taken out of context, but be considered in light of surrounding passages and, indeed, the entire Bible.   By this I mean that one can prove any point one chooses by “picking verses”.   The truth, however, is revealed by looking at overall intent.  

In addition, I believe that scripture is complete; which is to say that I do not believe that we are to come along now and add chapters or books of our own.   It is not to say that I believe that God no longer communicates with us.   Considering all He has invested in us and that it is a personal relationship that He desires with us, it would be illogical for Him to stop being personally involved in our lives now.   However, I do believe that all we truly receive from God is, by the very nature of God, in line with existing scripture.   I believe we must always give any “new” revelation this test of “authenticity”.  

I also believe the Bible is a “living” book.   The more we are committed to the truth, the more we will learn from its pages.

Lastly, I believe that while much of the scripture is given for direction and understanding, some is historical record, which is not to say that nothing can be learned from records, just that not all recorded events are intended as instructions on “how to behave”.


It has been my experience that the Holy Spirit will always guide the serious student.  It is required, however, that one earnestly apply oneself to the task of seeking.  At one point in my life I spent every spare moment reading the New Testament over and over again as a whole.  What came about was an amazing revelation that while man argues semantics, Satan is able to keep our minds off the most important issue of all -   Salvation as evidenced by obedience.  Not that we are saved by works, but that if we are indeed saved, we will work.  Since that time it has been difficult for me to seriously engage in what many consider essential arguments to the faith (i.e. whose name is on the door, sprinkle or dunk . . . etc.).  I believe God is interested in men and women who will serve Him with their whole heart regardless of where it takes them this side of heaven.

Pink Rose

About Mankind::

I believe that comprehending the relationship between God and man is imperative to any argument for life.   God is the Creator.   Man is the creation.  While it is possible for a child to attain a higher level of achievement than his/her parents, they are both still “the created”.   God, alone, created life.   As such, whether we admit it or not, we belong to Him.

He commands the sun to rise and set.  I’m just glad that it does.  He set the seasons in their place.  I enjoy the variety.  What I mean to say is that, if God, then His power is absolute; His way or no way.  The old joke about the scientist creating man would be accurate. - “Get your own sand!”  I say all this because so many seem to think that man has the ability and obligation to keep God “straight”.   Deciding by his own understanding which laws of God should be obeyed and which, due to “the times” or “circumstances” or whatever, are outdated and should be ignored.  I submit to you that this attitude is, in reality, original sin all over again.  (Please do not confuse the changing of customs for laws.  We do not live in the time of Moses with burkas and floor length skirts.  However, “Thou shalt not kill” is still very relevant.)

I believe that in our contacts with others we can and will (by action or inaction) affect them (at least to some degree) for eternity one way or another.   As such, I believe we must make every effort to reflect the presence of Our Lord in our lives.   I believe it very important to speak the truth.   However, I believe it equally important that we do it with a sincere love.  We should never “beat someone up” with the scriptures, but we are obligated to point out the truth where we can as we are aware of it.   How will we know when what we do or fail to do will be the turning point in someone’s life?  Most times, we won’t.   So, we must speak, but always with the realization that we may affect their soul for heaven or hell.   We must never forget that it was His sacrifice on the cross that gives us our ONLY claim to heaven.


Some of you may be wondering what on earth this all has to do with the fight for life.   So, let me illuminate what I see as one of the most serious problems of our day.   There are circles who believe the responsibility is on God’s side .   They are quick to claim His blessings, provisions, etc., but ignore His command to obedience.   While there can be no argument that God gives gifts to His children, it is extremely important to remind ourselves that our primary reason for existing is to give glory to God.   We are not “called” to be recipients.   We are called to serve.   If we spend our time in pursuit of “gifts” while ignoring our own obligation, we fail to “run the race” as Paul put it.

Just as Christ did not confine His efforts to salvation, neither should we. He healed the sick; raised the dead; etc. The apostles followed His example. So, should we. Just letting the children die without at least trying to save them, is the same as failing to feed the hungry or clothe the naked.

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