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Children of the Heart, Crosses  

                 "Crosses" ©2005

What Did Jesus Do?
by Betty Baker Bailey

Of all the things that Jesus did
While with us here on earth,
I've yet to hear of anyone
He denied the right to birth.  

So if you claim to follow Him
And hold His honor dear,
Consider well the path He tread
And let this truth be clear.
He is not changed by our will
Nor will the truth forsake.
His touches healed and restored;
Not One Life did He take.

For me this reality ends the argument that violence is even remotely an option.  We are "followers".  Jesus is our leader.  Since Jesus did not teach violence, it's hard to understand how it is accepted in some circles.  Except for clearing the temple of the highly disrespectful, Jesus was very gentle.  Certainly He had access to far more "fire-power" than any of us even today.  Undoubtedly, he saw atrocities on a daily basis.  Yet, He used His power to heal, deliver and restore.   It is also true He spoke the truth with great clarity and abided by the laws of His time.  So, I believe gentle things like blankets and art; clarity like poetry and witnessing; and an active participation in our political process are all in line with His example.  Violence, to me, simply isn't.

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