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No where are justifications more rediculous than the ones used to support killing children in the womb.  They are as illogical and unsupported as any lie charlatans have used through the ages.  Here we will examine a few used prolifically.

A.  It's a child, but:

1. it would probably be abused
2. the mother's happiness is more important
3. the mother's contribution without the child is more important
4. the child would probably not live long enought to contribute to society (i.e. the child is flawed)

And the reality is:

1. The truth is that abused children are statistically ones who the parents originally wanted - not the product of rape or incest; and not subject to an absentee parent.

2. No one's happiness is more important than another's life.  If it were, no one would be safe. There's always someone who would be happier if we were not around.

3. Lack of contribution is not just an attribute of the child in the womb. This would include every student, every sick person, the elderly, the unemployed -- why if this were logical, no one would be safe.

4. All of us will die. So, once again, the justification puts everyone at risk.

Mothers are often told their children have disabilities in error.  Literally, independent sonograms have revealed perfect children.  It is also true that many of these so called "unacceptable" issues can be repaired. 

B.  The Life is in the Breath

1.  The argument is that because God breathed life into Adam, a child is not alive until he/she draws breath; the changes that occur immediately after birth are considered proof.

And the reality is:

1.  God breathed life into Adam as a beginning. However, He did not come back to breathe life into Moses or David or, for that matter, you and me. God, who made all living things to procreate, put the "breath" in the blood, making the "breath" transfer from mother to child like everything else the child needs.

a.  Gen 9:4 "Only you shall not eat flesh with its life, that is, its blood."
b.  Lev 17:11 "For the life of the creation is in the blood . . ."
c.  Deut 12:23 "Only be sure not to eat the blood, for the blood is the life . . ."

2.  Using "lack of breath" as proof against life brings up classification.  If not alive, then simple logic dictates one must be dead. Yet, no dead thing grows. No dead heart beats on its own. Limbs do not move nor do organs function in dead bodies. There is no question that great changes take effect directly after birth. However, a great many take effect long before birth. Take a look at In the Womb.

Lilac Rose

C.  It's Legal.

1.  If the government says it is all right, it must be.

And the reality is:

1.  In our nation it has been legal to:

a.  own other human beings
b.  not allow women or people of color to vote

2. Today it is legal:

a.  to take away your property for the good of the area "imminent domain"
b.  to kill a helpless spouse -- Terry Shiavo, among others
c.  for a hospital or doctor to refuse care based on "quality of life"

Leaving any kind of health care decision solely in the hands of the government is risky at best. I worked in downtown Dallas when the decision was made to release many of those in institutional care. I am still haunted by the frail images I saw walking the streets afterwards; many were still in their pajamas. Helpless men and women, many elderly, wandered aimlessly. Some slept on the sidewalks or lounged around business entrances. The governments' decision to do this may have made financial sense, but it certainly wasn't beneficial to the health of those citizens.

D.  It's a kindness.

1.  We do not do anything cruel or unkind to these children.  They are better off.

And the reality is:

1.  There is nothing kind or uncruel about killing anyone, let alone a helpless child. These children are brutally killed, and feel the pain they are forced to endure. They fight to survive; moving to avoid the instruments of death, and grabbing at the doctors' hands.

Some years ago a pro-abortion doctor filmed an abortion in progress. I'm told he was trying to prove there was nothing to it. He was so horrified by what he saw that he became a staunch pro-lifer.

As far as being "better off" goes, it is the same twisted logic that could be applied to all of us. Heaven will be a much better place, but that does not give anyone the right to send anyone there before the Lord, Himself, calls them home. It is murder pure and simple.

Lilac Rose

E.  It isn't human.

1. It does not become a real human until after it is born. (I have even heard the argument that no child is human until he/she reaches the age of three.)

And the reality is:

1.  Let's just say, for illumination's sake, I buy into this nonsense. Just what exactly is it they think women birth? I mean, sheep birth sheep, cats birth cats, etc.; but we are to believe human mothers birth some unspecified thing? We all know that when a mother wants her child it is called a baby from the beginning. Truly, insisting that the child is not human is nothing more than an attempt to dehumanize it, making killing it more platable.

None of these arguments pass the test of basic decency: "Would you want it done to you?"  I dare say not one of those who work to keep abortion legal would find any of these "reasons" acceptable if it were their life on the line.

The fact is abortion is about money, power, and a sickening thirst for blood. Abortionists and their staff are well paid hired killers, with procedures running into the thousands. Abortionists, themselves, are typically quite generous with pro-abort politicians. They know that if this issue is ever honestly, that is to say with uncorrupted facts and figures, put forth to the people, it would be a thing of the past.

So, they lie to us and make up these rediculous excuses. Make no mistake about it abortion is a dirty, ugly business that clearly and deliberately preys on women at a vulnerable point in their lives. Those who perform it routinely exhibit a funamental lack of respect and appreciation for all womankind. Their goal is not, nor has it ever been, the betterment of women. No, their goal is to kill and get well-paid for it. It really is just that simple

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