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Get Involved!       

There is always something that can be done to save mothers and their children from the horror of abortion. Without a doubt, though, the first step is prayer. Abortion is a mountain that needs to get up and go throw itself into the sea. Prayer can put it there. You don't have to be a prayer giant to be effective, either. Commitment and humility will work just fine.

In my opinion the next most important thing to be done is to speak up. The idea that Christians are supposed to be the silent majority is absolute nonsense. Your light isn't shining if it's in the "off" position. We are to expose these evils. We are to speak the truth. The church has done a great disservice by ignoring this issue. Don't you go along with it. Speak with your pastor or deacons about covering abortion. Realize that one of the reasons abortion continues is because many do not see killing the children as a sin.  How can they if they are never told the truth about it?

Pass out fliers. This can be as simple as copying the poem "Little Innocents"and sending it to churches in your area or whomever you feel needs to read it. All I ask is that you leave my byline. Many copies have been distributed, mostly in Kansas, leaving a wake of changed hearts, opened eyes, and live children. There are several good pre-printed brochures available as well. Simply search "prolife literature" and you'll find a variety of options.

Volunteer. Birthline, Crisis Pregnancy Centers, etc. all run on volunteer muscle. If someone isn't available to help mothers when they're looking for help, the result could be disasterous. Giving up a few days a month, could literally make the difference between live children or dead ones.

Witnessing onsite, while worthwhile and effective, is not for everyone. However, most can offer prayer support; sing hymns/worship the Lord;or hold a picture/artwork/sign. All of these have the potential to affect a choice for life. Even standing silently near the entrance to a mill makes the statement that you are concerned for the children's welfare.

I've always thought that the stronger the onsite attendance the stronger the statement for life. It is important to note, though, that a peaceful gathering must be our goal.  An unruly mob tends to frighten mothers rather than encourage them to consider their options.

It must be said that training can be beneficial in witnessing one-on-one to abortion-minded mothers, but the Spirit with lead if allowed. For encouragement and ideas check out "Standing in the Gap"and "The Benefits of Witnessing".

These are ourchildren. If we can't stand up for them, who could possibly be worth standing up for?

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