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Undoubtedly mothers who choose life for their children, regardless of the situation, do better long term than those that opt for abortion.  The underlying reason lies in the reality that we are not just flesh and bone. No matter how well we satisfy our fleshly desires, we still have to contend with the other part of our being, our souls.

The soul recognizes, whether we want to admit it consciously or not, that these children are just like us. So while the brain may argue for abortion, the soul reacts poorly to it.  Many post-abortive mothers become seriously depressed, opt for reckless lifestyles, or find themselves unable or unwilling to continue in the relationship that brought about the child in the first place.  Even if one is able to push back the natural repulsion to killing one's own child, such disregard will manifest itself eventually.

The very nature of the female being further complicates the issue. We were created to bear life. It is a core reality.  In other words, we can't separate the maternal part of our being from the remainder of our being. This goes far deeper than “plumbing”. It is, quite simply, who we are.  So, when we go to war, as our society has, against the pre-born, we are, in fact, warring against our very selves.

That being the case the best option for any mother is to first choose life. After that there are many options, as well as, ample assistance available.  One only has to look under “Abortion Alternatives” in the yellow pages to find Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Birthline, adoption agencies, maternity homes, and others ready to render aid.

If you feel you simply can't keep your child, adoption (open or closed) is a loving alternative. Put yourself in your child's position.  Would you rather be given to someone who will care for you or be killed? The argument that a mother “can't live with the idea of giving her child to someone else” is quite literally a choice the child doesn't get to live with.  When “feelings” are more important life, it's time for some serious soul searching.

After witnessing many women kill their children through the years, I can honestly say that even those who consider it "no big deal" do not feel that way when the deed is done. Most are surprised at how deeply it bothers them.  Many are horrified at what they have seen, heard, or felt. Even those who come angrily against the onsige witnesses are often pleading with them for help afterwards.

Please understand that abortion is BIG business.  Your welfare isn't nearly as important to them as their pocketbook. Many abortionists love to kill, relishing the torture they get to inflict on the children. Despite what they claim, they are not kind to the children.  No, abortion is a horribly brutal way to die. The children literally fight for their lives. Consider your choice wisely. Choose life. It is better for you and your child.

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