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by Betty Baker Bailey

Taken from forum discussions . . .

I've been reading some of the posts here and have come to believe that some who post here do not truly understand why some of us continue consider the battle worth engaging.  Some, obviously, don't care, because you're not looking for the truth; but rather, an avenue to agitate and aggravate.  I do mean to say, I don't believe that some of what you say is said with any hope of furthering understanding, yours or ours, but rather to add to the fray.  So, this discussion is more for those who are actually looking for a better understanding.

Rather than enter into what appears to me to be more rhetoric and confusion than actual weighted argument, I have decided to attempt to relate my reasoning on the matter which has come largely from years of on-site witnessing outside one of the worlds' most notorious abortion mills.

First, the argument that CHILDREN aren't being killed is ludicrous and scientifically unfounded.  To whit, if a cow is pregnant, we don't expect that cow to birth some unidentifiable blob.  If that cow losses her calf, the farmer isn't going to lament the loss of an unknown creature.  No, he'll tell you flat-out that he is short one calf due to premature birth.  The same is true if we are speaking of dogs, cats, butterflies . . . you name it.  If it is pregnant, we expect the result of that pregnancy, whether premature or on time, to be of the same species.  To say that if the pre-born happens to be a human, it is somehow magically only transformed into a human after birth, or as some of you have argued 3 years after that, is equally ridiculous.  To think that calling the pre-born human a fetus somehow facilitates that magical transformation shows an outrageous desire to ignore the obvious.  "Fetus" is simply Latin for unborn child.  So, you make this argument based either on ignorance of the facts or a desire not to know them.  Either way, it is an unfounded, illogical argument that literally costs children their lives.

Second, the idea that killing our children somehow benefits women is equally as flawed. ; Simply put, we are women; which means our bodies are geared to carry and birth our young.  While that doesn't mean every one of us will, it does mean that certain biological, mental, and spiritual factors are inherently in place for us to do so.  Like it or not, that is the deck we've been dealt.  So, again on a very basic level, there's little to be gained by arguing that women shouldn't be burdened with children.  It's like saying trees shouldn't bare leaves or fish don't belong in the water.  You can butt your head up against that mountain 'til the cows come home.  It simply isn't going to move.

The argument that women have children forced upon them is based on the assumption that women are incapable of controlling themselves or their partners well enough to prevent undesired pregnancies.  Excuse me? If you don't find even the presumption of such a statement insulting, you either haven't thought about it or you don't want to consider its ramifications.  For myself I find it extremely insulting. When I say "NO", believe me, no man doubts I mean it.  For the record, I'm a short, little woman who prefers tall, extremely muscular men.  Yet my "No" is taken as "No" without delay. No, this argument isn't based on our ability or inability.  It is based on our desire to have it both ways. Some of you will jump on this, but it is, again, the mountain that's not going to move.

If we are going to promote sexuality, and make no mistake about our society promotes little else with such intensity, we are setting ourselves up to be taken advantage of.  Right now ours is a society that promotes sexuality at the expense of women and children as though it were more desirable than either.  And that, ladies, is the real problem. We are the victims here, but not in the sense that our own children take advantage of us.  Rather, our society does by implying that sex is more valuable and, therefore, more indispensable than our children are.  We are literally told that we WILL have sex, therefore, we MUST be prepared to dispose of the resulting WASTE matter; which translates into our precious, one-of-a-kind children.  Now, don't you feel used?

If you don't, you missed the point.  Abortion and the pervasive exploitation of sex are the facilities by which men make sure women will have sex more readily and more indiscriminately.  We are being PLAYED, ladies. First, sex is promoted as unavoidable.  Next, we are told our primary value lies in being sexually desirable.  Then, we are told our children are not really children at all - making killing them not a problem at all.  And the abortionist pockets the money and laughs all the way to the bank.

Okay, now for the exceptions. We have had rape, incest, etc. to deal with for thousands of years.  In the abortion arena, however, these are rarely the reasons given.  I'm not saying they don't come into play, just that we can't make policy based on the few at the expense of the many.  Truth is, from my experience, abortion is a second violation of the victim.  Knowing they've killed their child, a child that shared at least some of their inherent qualities and attributes, doesn't end their suffering.  No, as a rule, it multiplies it. That's reality, not conjecture.  Spend some time with post-abortive mothers before you discount it.

Another issue I see sparred here is the issue of the relevance of God and the Bible.  Again, if your search has no merit, what exactly do you expect to find?  Understand, God does not equivocate to our ability or inability to understand Him.  It's the sheer nature of Supremacy that makes our assessment of Him superfluous in that, He isn't going to change just because we don't understand Him.  That doesn't mean He doesn't want us to know Him, but it does mean that if He doesn't, we won't.  So, when we take it on ourselves to establish rules and attempt to require He follow them, it is an exercise in utter futility.  Simply put, He doesn't answer to us. Furthermore, He is not so inept as to be fooled by our reasoning or our pretense.  In other words, since He is supreme what He rules is the rule like it or not; understand it or not.  Butt your head against the mountain if you will, He will still be God. You will still be you.  And He will still get His way. It is not an argument you can win.  All that will happen is you will think you have won until it is too late for you to be saved.  The devil will take you that way every day of the week.

Now, I don't profess to understand all of His written word, the Bible, but I can tell you this, it isn't all a "how to" book.  Some of it is history, and much of it can only be understood if you are earnestly seeking the truth.  Again, it is the nature of supremacy to hide the truth in plain sight and allow none but the true seeker to find it.  Further, it is arrogant to think you can decode an endlessly, superior writing without the help of the Supreme Being who had it written or that you can trick Him into revealing His secrets.  If you honestly want to know the truth, you will have to honestly seek it.  Otherwise, it will seem like nonsense to you, because in His Supremacy He decided it would be so.

Therefore, it isn't a matter of whether God or the Bible is relevant, but whether we understand what He has said and Who HE is.  If we fully understood Who He is, our ways would reflect the appropriate fear of what He is capable of.  Don't get caught in the "God is Love therefore, He wouldn't hurt me" nonsense.  God is HOLY, therefore, He tolerates our disrespect only so long.  That has been proven throughout the centuries. Ignoring it has been the downfall of many societies.

However, that is not to say there isn't clear evidence of a Biblical stance for life, because there certainly is.  Among other things, there are multiple scriptures warning us against the shedding of innocent blood; the same words were used for preborns, older children, and, even, adults - giving us all the same status in His eyes; and He made clear He had specific plans for children long before they were born (check out Samson, David, and Jeremiah -- for starters).  And this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Again, if you're not looking for truth, how do you expect to find it? I caution you though to not confuse religion with an honest pursuit of the truth.  God is knowable, but we must seek Him based on His rules not the ones we make up ourselves.

Lastly, the reality of abortion, that is seeing pregnant mothers take their babies in to be slaughtered day after day and seeing the effect it has on those mothers is an eye opening and heart wrenching experience.  The only one who wins here is the abortionist.  Well, let me amend that to include the predators, they get to continue abusing little girls.  So, I'm sure they feel they win, too. But the abortionist gets rich on the blood of the children.  He gets the acclaim of those who make the philosophical arguments in favor of the killing - of course, he's passing cash to many of those.  And he gets to kill. Make no mistake about it, being able to look at the beating heart of a child and infuse it with poison or cutting parts off a squirming baby so that it's easier to kill -- these things take a certain type of predator; someone who thoroughly enjoys taking life.  If you think otherwise, you haven't given enough thought to what they actually do and there are a couple of videos; including at least one by an ex-abortionist you need view.  Of course, that's only if you search in earnest.

We who stand the front lines can tell you it isn't a philosophical argument that keeps us there.  It is rather the reality; the suffering these mothers endure and the understanding we have of their children's horror.  We don't stand in the gap, often risking police harassment, accepting verbal and all too often physical assault, and braving the elements because we like the argument.  We stand because children die and their mothers suffer. We stand because our hearts are ripped open by their cries.  So, when you make those arguments that clearly say your only goal is to berate and belittle us, understand you're attacking the same ones, quite possibly the only ones, who would dare to put their arms around you and comfort you even if you killed your precious, one-of-a-kind child while standing quite literally in the line of fire to do it.

From what I've seen you just don't get it. While we can most certainly make the logical and philosophical argument, the proof is in the pudding.  Women are harmed by abortion. Children are killed and all of us, whether we understand or appreciate it or not, are lessoned by the loss.   We, who make the effort to try to end the suffering, are not the enemy. We are the ones who see the destruction, who feel the pain, who hurt for the suffering, and, while realizing the danger, still go into those front lines to offer the truth, maybe a baby blanket or some diapers - whatever assistance we can muster, knowing many like you will hate and abuse us without ever honestly considering what you promote.  And we'll keep doing it, because women and their children are worth the cost.

You think you are fighting for the freedom of women. In reality, you are insisting we be chained to our own sexuality; a slave to our physical desires.  You bought into the idea that a career or self-fulfillment is more important than the lives of our children.  That has to be the saddest commentary one could ever make about a society.  "They gave themselves over to their own lusts and desires; forsaking even the lives of their own children for their enjoyment." Is that how we are to be remembered in history?

I stand the front lines. I cry with the mothers who weep in joy at having chosen life and I mourn with those who chose death - many of whom only understand that reality after it is too late.  I don't expect to be appreciated by those who promote the killing, but neither can they expect me to be silent.  And I am not alone. There are thousands upon thousands of us willing to expose ourselves for the sake of the children, their mothers, and the truth.  One day the killing will end and those who participated, promoted, or tolerated it will have to answer for their actions.   At that time we will be there offering hope and truth as well. Because this God we serve, the One you don't seem to understand, does care about you.  He just isn't governed by you.

If you're hoping to draw me into one of your arguments for arguments' sake, don't waste your time. There's a lot of work to trying save the children.  Between crocheting baby blankets, writing poetry, and drawing pictures depicting their humanity, I've a lot to do.  However, if you are an honest seeker, I'll make time for you. Because helping you escape a death-orientated lifestyle is just as important.  Your life and soul matter. Don't expect me to know everything, though.  In this life, the true Christian is in training for what we will be when we go home to the Lord (or when He returns).  We're not perfect, He is. We're just trying to do the best we can with what we know to His glory.

By making your convenience more important than their lives, you literally say they deserve to die for your comfort. What argument will you then make when the doctor decides your life is too inconvenient for his effort?

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